We create more than
just mobile apps!

Nayamode empowers our clients to create and
execute a comprehensive and integrated mobile plan.
Conceptualize a comprehensive strategy
Our wealth of experience allows us
to ask the right questions. We work
to define your unique challenges
and craft a solution that is perfectly
tailored to your needs.
  • Mobile Strategy Analysis
  • Social Media & Mobile Integration
  • Award-Winning User Experience Design
US CIO Forum
Using our 1st party event app kit, Nayamode customized this conference solution for Microsoft's CIO summits.

Windows Phone 1st Party Event App Microsoft hosts literally thousands of events throughout the world each year. When they were faced with the challenge of creating one mobile strategy that could support the needs of the event managers as well as their attendees, Nayamode produced the solution. With innovative and engaging functionality, our Microsoft 1st party event app is an example of our best-in-class integrated mobile services.
The Nayamode EventMobilizerTM platform provides an easy-to-use, subscription based hosted solution that allows you to create an engaging mobile experience for attendees at your events. EventMobilizer is a cloud-based application that is easy to deploy, easy to use and provides a great user experience with rich analytics through a robust admin back-end. With nothing to download or install, the experience is available instantly to attendees across a range of smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone amongst others.
Microsoft Health Savings Plan
As a Microsoft partner, we were tasked with creating another 1st party app aimed at educating and informing their employees about their new health savings plan. With videos, helpful tips, and prescription drug resources, the Microsoft HSP app is another example of our goal to help our clients reach their business goals in creative and engaging ways.
Another industry-leading gamification project designed for 3M to highlight their NASCAR sponsorship. This app was designed to take advantage of the opportunity to engage users through social media. "Quiz" game based on trivia and "who said it?" social media quotes. More than 120,000 downloads.
A great example of Nayamode's gamification expertise. Users play an engaging game based on players' Facebook friends' posts. Pulls in and displays content based on player's Facebook Log-In.